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Is this the best wedding invitation of the year?

When it comes to creating hilarious memes, then Kenyans on Twitter are arguably one of the best.

Cheeky tweeps have left the online community in stitches with the best wedding invitations.

The first invitation card captures a soon-to-be groom lying prostrate on the ground with his hands and legs tied behind his back using a rope.

The soon-to-be bride poses with a victorious look on her face, her left foot stepping on his back.

In a second meme, the woman proclaims victory and invites fellow women to get ready for the wedding.

“The Hunt is over. Wedding loading. Get those Kitenge’s and dancing shoes ready.”

This is what KOT had to say.

“Who’s the hunter? Asked sumukwo3.

“Uniqueness. Feel like should be other way round though,” said gyll_chambira.

“It’s foolish,” commented kyaritieakwabi.

“Hii ni death sentence lol,” tweeted al_kagz.

“Amemfunga pingu za maisha,” wrote MMgengetrue.

“But why?” Asked Ndabakariuki.

“Quite accurate,” said lizrashid.