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BETTING CRAZE: Cash for correct predictions of US polls

In a departure from norm, a sports betting firm in Kenya is offering betting enthusiasts an opportunity to win big cash by predicting the winner of the US Presidential Elections which will be held on November 7.

According to mCHEZA Chief Executive Officer Peter Karimi, the betting firm has decided to keep things interesting because of the high stakes in the eagerly-awaited elections that has Democratic Party’s Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump as the front runners.

“Everyone has something interesting to say about Mr Trump and we found it interesting and that is why we decided to give Kenyans a chance to predict who wins,” said Mr Karimi.

Those wishing to place a bet will have three options to pick from, Democratic Party, Republican Party or Any other party.


However, mCHEZA has given Mrs Clinton a better chance of succeeding President Barack Obama compared to Mr Trump.

Mrs Clinton’s odds stand at 1.3 compared to Trump’s 3.0 while the odds for candidates from other parties have been placed at 40.

This means that should someone place a bet on Mr Trump, in the event that he wins the election, the person will win thrice the initial amount of money that he or she placed on the bet.

Alternatively, a correct prediction for a highly unlikely victory by any other candidate apart from Mrs Clinton or Mr Trump will rake in a 40 fold windfall.

The betting will close on 8, November 2016 after the winner is announced.