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Betty Bayo exposes women messaging her husband Tosh

Renowned gospel singer Betty Bayo has shared how her husband’s social media accounts are attracting attention from admirers, with men showing keen interest.

In a video shared on social media, renowned travel agent Sarah Kabu welcomed the couple into her office for a holiday booking and showered them with praise for their story of redemption and second chances.

She noted:

“By the way, you look good, I think you are a good testimony to single moms and women struggling in marriages that there is still a God of second chances. Na alikubariki na mali safi.”

Betty Bayo, who embraced a second chance at love, emphasized she didn’t leave anything to chance. Sarah Kabu curiously inquired about how she found her current husband, asking:

“Tell us, where did you find him? I’m sure many people are wondering where to find someone.”

Bayo shared that she re-entered the dating scene, waited for her husband to make the first move, and didn’t initiate the relationship.

“Once you overcome the fear and say you are going out, you trust God,” she explained.

Sarah Kabu, acknowledging Bayo’s relationship status, remarked:

“Congrats, God has remembered you with a good-looking man like this, and these Kenyan streets are full of temptations, you’re not afraid?”

Bayo’s response was straightforward, asserting, “Hapana, mtu wa kuenda ni wa kuenda hata sura mbaya wanaendanga tu.”

The gospel singer also disclosed she frequently finds messages from women in her husband’s direct messages on Instagram.

“I just find women in his Instagram messages, they chat with me thinking it’s him,” she said.

Sarah Kabu playfully warned these women, saying, “I’m sure ni nyinyi pia mnaendanga tu kwa mtu wangu.”

Betty Bayo wed her fiancée Hiram Gitau alias Tosh in a colourful traditional ceremony in 2021.

“It is official that we are married and he has done all the procedures required for me to be his wife. It is just that we are not too loud about our life online,” she said.

The two got engaged back in November 2020, and she threw a lavish bash to celebrate her newfound love.

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