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Betty Bayo hits back at online trolls mocking her second marriage

Renowned vernacular gospel artiste, Betty Bayo, recently set TikTok ablaze with her unapologetic response to online trolls who ridiculed her for marrying with two children from a previous marriage.

Her sassy comeback has ignited a fiery debate on social media, challenging societal norms and expectations surrounding marriage and family dynamics.

Bayo, who tied the knot at the close of 2021, six years after parting ways with the controversial Pastor Victor Kanyari – the father of her two children, did not hold back when a fan taunted her.

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The fan drew an analogy from soccer, suggesting that in the game, all teams start with zero goals, whereas Bayo’s “match” had already begun with two goals due to her prior family. With a touch of sarcasm, the fan remarked, “No match starts 2-0.”

Unfazed by the criticism, Bayo responded confidently, “Situmwambie huyu ukweli, siku hizi hata 10-0 mechi huanza bado,” which translates to, “Let’s tell this one the truth; these days, even with a score of 10-0, the match still begins.” She underscored her point by playfully invoking lyrics from Ringtone and Rose Muhando’s song, “Sisi Ndio Tuko.”

What Bayo’s bold response highlights is the changing landscape of relationships and marriages in today’s society. Traditional expectations and judgments are increasingly being challenged as individuals redefine what it means to create a family. Olive Valentine, a supporter of Bayo, aptly remarked, “Kina mama kwa watoto wawili ndio tunatesa siku hizi,” which translates to, “Mothers with two children are rocking it these days.”

Shiku Muthoni shared her own story, proudly declaring, “Yangu ilianza na 2-2 na ni miaka 10 sasa na tunaendelea,” meaning, “Mine began with 2-2, and it’s been 10 years, and we are still going strong.” Veronica chimed in with, “Ya mamangu ilianza 4-0 tangu mwaka 2004, na naweza nikabashiri kwamba nimekuwa na baba mzuri zaidi,” translating to, “My mother’s started at 4-0 back in 2004, and I can confidently say I’ve had a better father. I love him so much now that we’ve grown.”

Betty Bayo’s journey in the public eye has been marked by her past relationship with Pastor Victor Kanyari, which ended amid controversy following an exposé by Jicho Pevu.

Betty Bayo’s defiant response to trolls who criticized her for marrying with two children has ignited a fierce debate on societal norms surrounding relationships and family dynamics. Her message challenges the conventional expectations placed on individuals when it comes to starting a family and finding love.