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Betty Kyallo addresses claims she left for Dubai in chartered flight – VIDEO

Former K24 news anchor Betty Mutei Kyallo has rubbished claims that she is the owner of a handbag that was captured in a photo posted by Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho inside a private jet.

Kenyans on Twitter claimed that Ms Kyallo had accompanied Governor Joho to Dubai and that she owned the handbag.

She posted a series of videos on her Instagram account where she refuted the claims saying that she was not in Dubai. She said she was with her friend going to have nyama choma (roast meat).

Ms Kyallo further said that she had a lot of business to do and had no time for moving from one point to the other.

“I hear I am in Dubai. Guys I am not in Dubai, I am actually going to have some delicious nyama choma. You know I have a business to run I can’t be gallivanting everywhere. We are going to have lunch guys so chill,” said Kyallo.

In the photo, Governor Joho is seated beside Suna East MP Junet Mohammed and the two said they were headed to Dubai to visit ODM leader Raila Odinga who underwent “minor” surgery.

However, under a table that is placed right in front of them is a handbag which caught the eyes of Kenyans.

Another photo showed two unidentified women and a man with Joho and Junet, with one of them holding the handbag in question.