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Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari ‘reunite’ to celebrate their daughter’s sixth birthday

NTV news anchor Dennis Okari had the perfect Father’s Day on Sunday as he joined his ex-wife Betty Kyallo to celebrate the sixth birthday of their daughter, Ivanna.

The memorable occasion was captured on film and uploaded on Betty’s YouTube channel, Betty Kyallo Lately.

Betty shed tears of joy as she recounted events from last year when her child was unwell. Ivanna was unwell for the best part of 2019 but thankfully she pulled through.

“I woke up one day last year and she couldn’t walk. The next day she could not talk, she couldn’t eat, she couldn’t sit… it just went downhill for so long before I even knew what was wrong. I always looked at her bed whenever I came home from the hospital and I always wondered ‘will she ever come home to her bed’” a teary Betty recounted.

Dennis, on his part took, a knee as he showered his little girl with loving words.

“I’ll be the first man to go on my knees for you, before that boy comes. You are the most intelligent, the most smartest, the most beautiful, precious daughter anyone would have on this world. I pray for God’s blessings on your life and may you impact many more generations,” Dennis told his daughter.



Dennis and Betty haven’t been photographed together since their messy and noisy divorce close to five years ago.

In fact, the divorced couple have been having endless squabbles, although a few weeks ago Betty for once praised her ex-hubby for being a wonderful father.

Last December Betty detailed her daughter’s long ailment and thanked several people, including her colleagues, doctors, her daughter’s teachers, and friends for helping her out during the troubling times, but not her ex-husband.

At some point, Betty’s sister Mercy and Dennis’ friend and colleague Ken Mijungu were drawn into the bickering couple’s war of words on social media.

But going by recent developments, the two seem to have patched up things and resolved to co-parent amicably.

During a recent interview on YouTube with comedian and radio presenter Jalang’o, Betty revealed that she has mended fences with Dennis and they are now on talking terms.