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Betty Kyallo reveals why she broke up with ‘Somali guy’

Former K24 news anchor Betty Kyallo has revealed why she broke up with her boyfriend months after their relationship was made public by NTV anchor Ken Mijungu.

Last December, Kyallo started posting photos of herself and the mysterious man albeit hiding his face.

Later, Mijungu blasted Kyallo accusing her of lying that her ex-husband Dennis Okari had not visited their daughter when she was in hospital for months. That’s when he dropped the name ‘Somali guy’.

A few months later, there has been no sign of the ‘Somali guy’ in Betty’s timelines and she has now confirmed they are no longer together.

In a recent interview with comedian Jalang’o, Betty revealed what transpired that led to their break-up of the hot minute love affair.

‘It didn’t work out’

“It didn’t work out. The thing is, things don’t work out sometimes with people and it’s okay, its fine. I don’t know why we have so much stigma about relationships and how you should act and you should last forever. Sometimes things work out, sometimes things hit a rock and it’s okay, mnaachana kwa uzuri,” she revealed.

The mother of one also noted that after parting ways with the ‘Somali guy’, she made a decision to stay single at least for a year before getting into any relationship.

“I’m single right now and I love it. I used to be that girl mwenye natoka hii naingia ingine yaani zina interchange. So, right now I’ve actually decided you know what? B kwanza jipende. So, I have decided I want to give myself at least one year before I enter into something because I think I’m ready to settle down,” she offered.

In the numerous posts which Betty has since deleted, the two seemed to enjoy life including taking luxurious gate-aways.

During the interview, she also opened up on claims that she was fired from K24, noting that she walked away because her efforts weren’t being appreciated.

“I wasn’t fired. I’ve worked so hard to build my brand. I have built my brand with hard work, passion, commitment and love. When I feel like I’m not being appreciated enough, najitoa,” she said.