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Betty Kyallo’s sister rushes to her defence, brands Okari, Mijungu racist

The social media fight between prominent TV personalities has spilled over to 2020, with K24’s Betty Kyallo’s sister Mercy publicly attacking NTV pair Ken Mijungu and Dennis Okari.

Four-year old Ivanna, daughter of Okari and Betty is at the centre of it all.

It all started when Betty, in her end of year message, thanked almost everyone but her ex-husband for helping her through Ivanna’s life-threatening sickness.

Mijungu then hit back on Facebook, accusing Betty of attempting to portray her ex-husband as a dead beat dad.

But now, Mercy has penned her take on the matter. She’s accused Mijungu of ‘talking on behalf of’ Okari on the matter, adding: “Dennis, I could see your handwriting everywhere.”

Mercy Kyallo, who won the Manufacturing award at the inaugural Young Entrepreneurs Awards. PHOTO | COURTESY
Mercy Kyallo. PHOTO | COURTESY

Mercy also maintains Okari has never done enough for her daughter. Mercy also more or less confirmed her sister Betty is dating a Somali guy, who has been helpful to the family. But Mercy took issue with Mijungu’s reference to the Betty’s man as “the Somali guy” saying it was racist.

Not done, Mercy has also seemingly accused Mijungu of reducing Ivanna’s hospital bill from Sh9 million to Sh7 million and publicising the matter.

She also appears to accuse Mijungu and Okari of calling the police on Betty. “This is disappointing,” commented Mercy.

“Ken (Mijungu), you cannot force a thank you, Maybe that is why the old Swahili Saying “ Tenda Wema nenda Zako”. You wrote her a disrespectful message asking her why she hasn’t thanked Dennis & you in her post, really? Looks like you are still seriously ‘keeping up’.”

“Dennis you had not seen your daughter’s face in years. You left us at the ward, before she could even regain her cognitive abilities never to be seen & heard from again. If you would like to talk about it, do it on your platform. Respectfully. How dare you call the police saying Betty has threatened you two men?”

Interestingly, Okari has so far kept off commenting on this matter.