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Betty Kyalo narrates freak road accident that left her requiring seven surgeries

TV news anchor Betty Kyalo has narrated how she nearly lost her life in a freak road accident while in high school.

Kyalo made the revelations of the traumatic incident on her YouTube page, an experience she says left her with scars on her neck.


The scars, she says, made her at once fear she would never succeed as a journalist.

“I was in Form Three when I was hit by a mat near Railways bus terminus (at the CBD). I fell under it and it was still moving. It dragged me on the tarmac road and skin on the side of the face peeled off,” Kyalo recounted.

“I broke my jaws, ribs collar bone, my legs were severely injured and my lungs were affected too. I underwent seven surgeries to correct everything. I thank God because these scars always remind me that I defeated something.”

However, the TV presenter says it took time for her to get over the scars.


“I would cover myself with a scarf to hide the scars. At times I would wear a pull neck even when it was too hot because I was embarrassed of the scar. I hated it,” she said.

“When I started my job at KTN, I used to be so cautious. I didn’t want my boss to see the scar and deny me a job because I thought it is all about looks but it isn’t. It is about hard work.

“After sometime I gained courage and started embracing it. All of us have scars and some are inside our hearts… don’t feel ashamed,” she said.

This past weekend Kyalo, announced her exit from K24 TV, where she has been a news anchor for the last two years.