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Beware! Con men prowling Nairobi mobile money transfer points

A new con game is emerging within Nairobi, where “idlers” hang around mobile money transfer points and watch out for those withdrawing large sums of money before pouncing on them.

In one such incident, a middle-aged woman lost Sh 25,000 to con people on Sunday morning, just minutes after withdrawing the cash from a mobile money transfer point in Nairobi’s Central Business District.

The lady who refused to reveal her name says she was “surprised and confused” when three strangers confronted her and called her by name.


“The three, two women and a man approached me and called me out by name,” the lady who was in tears, narrated to a crowd that had milled around her.

“One of the women told me me that I had just done a transaction which had not been verified. When I reached out for my purse to remove the money, she grabbed the cash and disappeared leaving me in shock. Her two accomplices also took off shortly after,” the woman narrated.

Such incidents points to the possibility that some unscrupulous mobile money agents could be colluding with the con people, by offering the particulars of their customers who withdraw cash at their shops.