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Beware, house helps using Christmas break to steal from employers

A city mum was on Wednesday shocked to discover that her house help of three months had packed household goods and her (employer) clothes while leaving for holiday.

The employer’s suspicion rose after seeing the house help’s luggage as she was to drop her in town to catch a bus to upcountry.

“We decided to check her bags yesterday (Wednesday) before she left for x-mas, because I was to drop her in town but her bags (3 in no.) were too heavy to move or lift and this created suspicion because she was only 3-4 months old, and she had requested I accumulate her salaries for Oct, Nov and Dec and pay in lump-sum to enable her cater for her daughter’s fee in January,” the employer narrated.


After informing the house help that a routine check was necessary, she went on to open the bags only to find her tablet, house shopping and children’s clothes among other things.

“What we found shocked us; from my digital school tablet to baking flour (6), sugar (8), bar soap (8 bars + halves and pieces) plates, knife, spoons, rice, match boxes, steel wool, super brite, table mats, nodules, children’s truck suits (3 pairs), kids sports shoes, my shoes, sheets, children cloths (one suitcase), toys, tissue papers etc,” said the employer.

The employer reported the matter to the police but later withdrew the case.

After narrating the story on Kilimani Mums Nairobi Facebook group, the employer received support and criticism in equal measure.


One user commented, “The maid did wrong, Yes she might be needy but atleast she could have asked her boss for unused staff like clothes and extra food items to take to her family.”

Another user stated, “Aki wamama, those who are saying angewachiwa aende nazo… so when a thief snatches your phone then by good luck ashikwe do u say umempa hiyo simu coz he is in need?… a thief is a thief… period… Mawe nangoja nimalizie mjengo.”

Another commented, “Ok, thanks for sharing. We should be more careful. But since you forgave her si you just let her go with the food stuff. She is probably in need of them. That is why she took them. Not that I am condoning stealing but she must be desperate. Be a blessing and release her with the food to bless her family and let God replenish you. I am glad you shared.”

One other user added, “Those saying that she should have been given the things she had stolen are encouraging her to continue stealing… definitely this DM is old n that means she hasn’t started stealing now it’s something she’s been doing… if I were the mama I would do the same… wacheni kujifanya.”