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Beware, don’t click that ‘Your Video’ link on Facebook

Beware, Facebook hackers are on the loose once again.

The latest tactic is the use of videos whose thumbnail resembles your profile picture.

The videos are being sent on users’ inboxes through already hacked accounts. When you click to play the video, your device gets infected and your account details harvested.

The “You are in this video” is a new malware scam which has been used across the world to access the details of users.

The malware has now reached Kenyan users with most of them noticing when the damage has already been done and inbox messages already sent to their friends.

To be safe, do not click any video link and resist from even engaging through the infiltrated account’s inbox until the user changes their account password.

If you have already been a victim, consider changing your password and clearing your device’s cookies as well as logging off on all devices.