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Beware of Facebook impostors, anchor Rubadiri warns

NTV Anchor Victoria Rubadiri is the latest victim of social media impersonation.

An impostor has created a fake Facebook using Rubadiri’s name and using it to disparage popular personalities in the local entertainment industry.

Kenya’s top female DJ Pierra Makena is the latest victim of the scam.  The page has been posting Pierra’s image to portray her negatively.

Pierra took to her instagram to complain about the Facebook page that had used her image to illustrate an unrelated story on prostitution.

The page also has fake promotions, with fans being duped to have won money, airtime and other give-aways.

Victoria Rubadiri, whose real Facebook page is indicated clearly ‘Official Facebook Account of NTV Kenya Anchor/Reporter Victoria Rubadiri’, has tried reporting the fake pages in vain.

“I have reported severally to Facebook and got no response. Then I tried inboxing the pages asking those running them to stop impersonating me and they resorted to blocking me. All I can urge the public right now is to unlike the fake pages,” she said.

Her colleagues at NTV have also been victims of this vice, with a fake page created in Yvonne Maingey’s name also posting similar disparaging content. Maingey is not on Facebook.

Other anchors like Larry Madowo have managed to keep the fraudsters at bay by having their official pages verified.

Until all NTV anchors have their official pages verified, all their fans need to do is to look out for the official pages description and report all fake pages posting misleading updates.