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Beware! Rogue matatu crew drugging, robbing passengers

A matatu driver has been arrested on suspicion of drugging and robbing female passengers in his vehicle.

His arrest comes after a woman by the name Karimi Mwari took to social media on Saturday to narrate her ordeal in the hands of the driver and his accomplices.

Kenya Police confirmed his arrest through their official Twitter handle saying that the vehicle and the driver were in their custody and the OCS Kilimani was handling the issue.

According to MS Mwari, the matatu, registration KAS 253V, which belongs to Dakika Sacco, picked her and two other female passengers. She sat in the front seat beside the driver.

When they reached Kenyatta National Hospital stage the driver grabbed her bag and started pulling her back in as he was joined by other people who started pushing and roughing her up.

As she struggled to free herself from her assailants, she noticed that the driver was holding a syringe right next to my ribcage.

She managed to escape from the men but she suspects the other two ladies in the matatu were not as lucky.

“I notice the girls who were seated behind look unconscious. I start shouting and my voice is drowned by men asking me to kanyagia story,” she recounted.

Ms Mwari later went to Kilimani Police Station and reported the incident and was given OB No 71/22/10/16.

But even after recording her statement her frustration was heightened by a police officer who she was later directed to for further help.

“I am physically fine just really shaken because I feel the matatus are no longer safe,” Ms Mwari concluded the post which she later deleted.