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Biased commentary leaves Nigerian fans seething with rage

Nigerian fans at the ongoing Fifa World Cup tournament were a disappointed lot not just by the defeat to Argentina but also the statements of the match commentators.

The main commentator used phrases that showed open bias, at least according to viewers who were rooting for the Super Eagles.

At some point, the commentator said it would be unthinkable for Argentina to crash out of the world cup at the group stages.

He also referred to the Nigerian side as “Africans”, “African goal”, among others.

He did not refer to Argentina side as South or Latin Americans.

The commentator also sounded more eager to have Argentina progress to the round of 16.

Eventually, the Latin Americans carried the day after winning 2-1. Croatia, who beat Iceland 2-1, also progressed as the group leaders.

Below are a  few comments from disgruntled Nigerian fans: