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Bible and Condoms? Inside Larry Madowo’s hotel room

Celebrated Kenyan journalist Larry Madowo was handed a surprise reception by his hotel in Botswana.

Madowo, who is on a working trip to the Southern African country, shared on his socials that he found a Bible and a packet of condoms inside his hotel room.

The celebrated media personality captioned the photo, “My hotel is doing too much.”

Hotels are known to share a number of accessories for their clients depending on their needs.

These include toothbrushes and toothpaste, bathing soap, towels, slippers, and even beverages or alcoholic drinks.

In this case, Madowo’s hotel shared a Bible for spiritual nourishment and condoms, perhaps as a way of encouraging its clients to practice safe sex.

Incidentally, statistics show that Botswana, alongside Eswatini and Lesotho, has the highest prevalence rates of HIV/Aids.

Madowo is among the most popular and widely travelled journalists in Africa.

He currently is the CNN Africa correspondent.

His job description includes reporting on topical issues on the African continent and hosting the long-running series African Voices Change Makers show, which profiles outstanding individuals from across the continent.

Among the assignments he has recently executed include covering the 2023 Nigeria’s presidential elections and the international football friendly match between hosts Morocco and Brazil in Tangier.

The seasoned journalist, who started his career at KTN at the age of 20, joined CNN in May 2021 as Nairobi Correspondent before being promoted to International Correspondent.

He also boasts of stints at NTV and BBC where he covered the Covid-19 outbreak in the USA and the American presidential election.

He also recently interviewed President William Ruto and opposition leader Raila Odinga.

Madowo is dating fellow journalist Edith Kimani since 2015. The lovebirds share their intimate photos on social media once in a while.

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