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Bidco picks wrong timing to launch terror-themed advert, Kenyans are angry

Kenyans online are furious after consumer goods company Bidco Africa released an advertisement video for its new mango juice ‘Jooz’ that was themed on the concept of terror.

In the advert, the company portrayed a “mango grenade” that explodes to produce juicy extracts.

The peeled and cubed mango appears topped with a grenade safety lever.

The advert was posted on the company’s Instagram page just days after the country experienced one of its most deadly terror attack at 14 Riverside office complex in Nairobi that left 21 people dead.

Many Kenyans deemed the concept and timing of the advert to be akin to dancing on the graves of the victims of the terror attack.

The company has since deleted the video from its social media accounts and apologised.

But Kenyans who had already seen it vented their anger.

NG Maroa commented; “Scary stuff. How can someone associate killer weaponry with food? I am offended coz these things are terrorists’ weapons of choice. Tragic.”

Cheptoo the Athlete added; “This is so wrong.”

Abdikadir Aden wrote; “Bad advert.”

Joe Kiragu stated; “Embarrassing.”