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You got what you deserve, Bien Aime tells disgruntled fans of Tekno Miles

By THOMAS MATIKO September 12th, 2017 2 min read

Sauti Sol member Bien Aime Baraza has mocked Kenyan fans for their love for Nigerian artistes after star Tekno Miles gave a disappointing 30 minutes performance over the weekend at the Ngong Race Course, Nairobi.

Fans only got half an hour of the Pana hit maker’s time, who is currently riding high with his latest jam Go.

Even the news of an appearance by the reunited hip hop group Camp Mullah did not excite a majority of the fans who kept calling on Tekno Miles to take the stage.

After a long wait, Tekno made his grand appearance at 3am and only performed four songs within half an hour.

This did not well received by many of the fans who paid between Sh 3,000 and Sh 10,000 (VIP) to attend the concert.


Many of the disgruntled fans took to social media to criticize the musician for a poor show.

However according to Bien, the fans got what they deserved.

“Kenyans have once again taken to social media to rant about Tekno. Camp Mulla makes a comeback and instead of that being the main attraction it’s Tekno!!!!! You really deserve what happened to you last night” Aime posted on social media.

His comment attracted instant reaction from some fans:

Archyieng Okello Abungu Omondi wrote “Same script, different cast. Kenyans never learn!!” while Carrey Ombaka commented “The headline of the news should be Camp mulla makes a comeback, instead of Tekno cons Kenyans.”

“Teeheeheehee! Manze when a ninja shows up at 3am and does a 29 minute playback performance, of course you expect people to be pissed off!”, Yuri Andropov opined.

“That was some mediocre fuckery! The whole event was a flop!” wrote Rosey Rosey, while Sebastian Wanzalla said “Kansol was everything, everyone else failed.”

Muscat Moreno Sayye wrote “Kwani there was a phone perfomance jana?” as  Sue Carter commented “The love of this Nigerians we should appreciate our own artists. Hiyo 3k you paid kwani hauwezi lipa concert ya Timmy Dat?”