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Big Kev retuns home after brain tumor surgery in India

Businessman and event’s organizer Kevin Ombajo, better known as Big Kev, has returned home from India where he had gone for a critical operation to remove a brain tumor.

Big Kev shared a heart wrenching post on his Facebook page on Monday where he explained that although the doctors in India gave him the green light to return back home, he was not yet out of the woods.

He said will need to continue with physiotherapy to help re-ignite his left side.

In his post, Big Kev also narrated how he had to be put in diapers so as not to “mess up” on the thirteen hour flight back to Nairobi.

Big Kev has battled with the brain tumour for six years and just when he believed he has won the fight, it reared its ugly head again.

Below is his account of events in his own words.

First let me clarify, I cannot use my phone personally as I am waiting for my eyes to clear from the fog but the people around me have been kind enough to indulge me their time and effort to help me put these posts out there.

We needed a game plan. As soon as the doctors confirmed we could leave hospital, we started preparing to come home. I had completed my diaper challenge but we could not afford to mess up on the Thirteen hour flight home.

Apparently I was too weak to be trusted not to mess up like before. It was simply a chance we could not take, and I did not want to go back to diapers. That was firmly in the past. I therefore decided not to eat anything until the day I could travel right.

That meant 37 hours of not eating any food while still on heavy medication and healing wounds. When time came to leave, i agreed to put on the diaper fully determined not to use it. Once again i was on a stretcher all the way from Bangalore to Nairobi.

We received alot of help from the authorities across the board and airport staff to get me back home safely. Completely exhausted, i arrived home and was received by close family.In my mind knowing there is alot yet to be done.

The recovery process has 4 key elements;
1. Eat well
2. Take medication
3. Exercise
4. Rest
Add to these, Prayer and we are good to go.
I am now on home ground so I intend to give it my all.
My Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist come in every day. A difficult and painful process as we try to re-ignite my entire left side. We are making very good progress. Your prayers and words of encouragement are a huge motivator for me. My family also draws strength from your support.