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The big O can increase your fertility – Study

Findings of an interesting new study suggest that there is so much more to a woman’s orgasm than pleasure.

Apparently, there is a link between a woman’s orgasm and her fertility levels. The findings show that a woman’s orgasm can increase her fertility levels by 15 percent.

For the study, researchers from the University college of Cork in Ireland documented self-induced orgasms in six women aged between 26 and 52 over a two month period.

During the act, a semen stimulus was used.

Later, the researchers measured to see how much of the semen a woman retained in her body.

They observed that when a woman experienced an orgasm, her chances of conception dramatically increased.

It became evident that woman who climaxed retained more of the semen stimulant. By retaining more sperm a woman’s body naturally raises the chance of conception.

The science behind it

Explaining the findings which have been published in the journal Socioaffective NeuroScience & Psychology, the scientists conclude that a woman’s orgasm must perform some sort of sperm retention function.

If rolled out into a larger scale, these findings could help couples reduce infertility levels right from their homes.