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‘Big wig’ blogger Osama Otero sued for Twitter Space insults against rival Kalasinga

Twitter ‘big wig’ Osama Otero, born Kevin Monari, was on June 6, 2023, served with legal documents accusing him of defamation of character after he allegedly insulted his rival, Kalasinga- born Brian Mwirigi Mbabu- in a Twitter Spaces session.

In a letter from Kalasinga’s lawyers, Osama, who boasts of 209,700 followers, was accused of branding Kalasinga a prostitute and con man who was enjoying the proceeds of his crime. The letter went on to outline the vulgar things Osama had allegedly told his 27,700 listeners as he also accused Kalasinga of being classist.

“You started the Space by ranting and bragging about how you are the biggest influencer in Kenya and how you do not beg for gigs as your ego does not allow it…at minute 4:00, you talked about how ‘Car Twitter’ needed you to influence their event despite the fact that you don’t own a car because of your influence. This is where you begin mentioning our client who happens to be a car enthusiast and a member of the so called ‘car twitter’,” began the letter.

The lawyers went on to transcribe word for word of what Osama Otero allegedly said. It was said that Osama was waiting for a former friend to Kalasinga to arrive where he was so that they could expose Kalasinga for being a fraud. Osama allegedly said this was personal to him and he would make sure that the world knew who Kalasinga really is.

“There is someone I want to address here and I want to become very personal about it. There is this useless person called Kalasinga. That prostitute will know who I am. I know he is a lwayer. There is someone I want to invite here online to speak since Kalasinga behaves like a master here. Wait and see who it is, today I will burn the bridge and I don’t care. I warned him and he told me he is a lawyer. Wait and see who I am,” said Osama in part.

In other transcriptions, Osama allegedly said that Kalasinga likes insulting people on Twitter, is classists and is a stupid person who likes bootlicking people.

“This prostitute should understand that I don’t understand that kind of pain but wait or my guest to arrive and expose this stupid person. This guest is a personal friend of this guy and they fell out long ago because Kalasinga conned him and that is why he drives a car today. He conned my boy Sh 4.7 million and my boy is very bitter and I want that bitterness,” allegedly added Osama Otero.

The lawyers demanded that Otero produce an apology and publish them on all forums in which he previously communicated his claims, withdraw and remove all defamatory material against Kalasinga, make proposals for the payment of damages to Kalasinga for the harm caused to his reputation and warned him against publishing similar defamatory material against Kalasinga in the future.

In response, Osama Otero said, “I demand Kalasinga and Space Ya Magari to serve me with a hard copied letter. It is very disrespectful to serve me via WhatsApp.  I am also demanding they apologize for false allegations against me.”

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