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‘Bikini hiker’ freezes to death after accidental plunge

Gigi Wu, a hiker popular for taking pictures on top of mountains wearing only a bikini, has died after falling into a ravine in Taiwan.

The hiker used a satellite phone on January 19 to call for help after suffering injuries during her fall.

Efforts to try and locate the 36-year-old by the National Airborne Service corps were however futile due to poor weather.

Her body was eventually found where the signals to her phone call were registered, after the rescue team resumed the search on foot.

According to the Daily Mail ,Wu is believed to have died of hypothermia as temperatures plummeted to around 35 degrees while she was trapped.

She fell 65 feet into a valley near Mabolasi Mountain in Nantou County.

Christened the nickname ‘Bikini Hiker’ by her fans, Gigi said the idea came about after losing a bet with friends and her punishment was to take pictures in a bikini on top of a mountain.

Her new hobby saw her completing 100 hikes.

Apple Daily reports that Wu entered the mountain range in Yushan National park on January 11.

She was attempting a 25-day solo hike from Nanhua Mountain to Mount Cho-she, according to a Facebook post on December 24.