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Bikozulu penned (probably) Kenya’s best ad and Facebook can’t cope

Popular blogger Bikozulu has fired up Facebook after posting arguably one of the best job advertisement in Kenya.

All Biko and his partner are looking for is an accountant.

But instead of making the generic, HR, 1970s-era ad, he throws all his adjectives describing his ideal employee.

The account, he says, should be “a lady accountant. Someone young. Preferably still smelling of course works.”

The advert fuses comedy with seriousness, at some point declaring, bluntly: “you can’t come jobo drunk. Or drink at work… Oh, if you drink Guarana please don’t even bother.”

The post has been shared 137 times on Facebook, by press time (5pm, September 26, 2016).

Read the full ad below.

A screenshot of the ad.
A screenshot of the ad.

Then the reaction.