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‘Bill’ seeking to legalise prostitution is fake – Parliament

The National Assembly has warned the public against a purported bill named “Sexual Enterprises Act 2018” that is circulating online.

In a tweet on Wednesday evening, parliament said the purported bill by Leader of Majority Aden Duale is a fake that “should be  treated with the contempt it deserves”.

“A purported bill named Sexual Enterprise bill by Leader of Majority circulating in social media is fake,” the tweet said.

The objective of the “Sexual Enterprise Act 2018” is to provide for the regulation of commercial sex in Kenya.

It seeks to legalise ways the government can generate revenue through taxation of commercial sex workers and establishments, including license fees.


It also outlines a mechanism to protect the rights of commercial sex workers and promote health standards among providers and consumers of commercial sex with an aim to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS and STI’s.

To create job opportunities, the purported bill decriminalises living off the proceeds of commercial sex work and calls for recognition of commercial sex work as a form of employment.

In addition, it provides mechanisms for the reduction of sexual exploitation of minors, human trafficking and forced commercial sex work through regulation of the trade.

“Majority Leader Aden Duale has no such bill either published or having tabled in the House. Please be advised accordingly,” tweeted the National Assembly.

Shockingly, Kenyans reacted by urging Parliament to positively consider some of the objectives of the purported bill.