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Birthday invitation card with request for money gifts irks netizens

By NAIRA HABIB January 28th, 2019 1 min read

A tweep has excited the online community after narrating how she received a birthday invitation card for her child that requested guests to carry gifts in Kenya shillings.

The money, according to the invitation card, is meant to help the birthday boy buy a hover board as his birthday gift. A brand new hover board costs upwards of Sh30, 000.

Mkanjala, as she identifies herself on Twitter, expressed her surprise at how parents are now turning birthday parties into fundraisers by insisting on guests to carry money gifts.

“So your child gets a birthday invitation card with *please bring a money gift of 1000bob* so we can chip in for birthday boy’s hover board purchase. Birthday zimeanza kuwa kama harusi sasa!” posed @Mkanjala.

Kenyans on Twitter quickly responded with shock. This is what they had to say.

Kevin Ochieng said; “Ungeanika hiyo birthday invitation card hapa… Chei!”

Winnie Bosis9ori wrote; “Ati 1000?????puhlizzzz..wacha ikae.”

Shiro commented; “Millenial Parents…sijui kama hio hoverboard itakuwa ya estate.”

Janeliz Mkoji said; “Lol tax pia ya bday attendance.”

Collins Miruka tweeted; “I have never understood the Kenyan concept of asking for donations at birthdays and weddings! I can understand raising funds for unexpected medical costs but nothing else.”

Mdawanawaadieli said; “Would return the card with 1000/= specimen pic inside.”