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Bishop blames Uhuru for the rise in Covid-19 infections – VIDEO

Several Church leaders have come out and criticised President Uhuru Kenyatta for closing places of worship in five counties which have been declared disease infested areas.

At Kahawa West in Kiambu County, PEFA church Bishop Peter Ambuka on Sunday blamed President Kenyatta and other political leaders for the third wave of Covid-19.

“Mr President, you and your fellow politicians are to blame for this devastating third wave of Covid-19 infections in the country. Unfortunately, it is we the common Citizens who have to suffer the consequences,” he said.

During a sermon on Sunday, Bishop Ambuka noted that the political leaders going around the country campaigning for the BBI is the main cause of the resurgence of Covid-19 infections.

He added that it was unfortunate as the measures put in place were only meant to make citizens suffer more at the expense of the political class which continues to live lavishly.

“Dear Mr President, do you really have a strategy for fighting this pandemic or your only strategy is lockdowns and curfews?” the cleric posed.

The pastor stressed that “careless” actions by politicians led by the Head of State while popularising the Building Bridges Initiative in rallies that acted as super-spreader events.

He added that Kenyatta’s deputy William Ruto also picked cue from him to relaunch his 2022 presidential campaigns.

He called on the government to launch mass testing and vaccination programmes to remedy the situation, noting that curfews and lockdowns will do little to reverse Covid-19 infections.

Last week, President Kenyatta ordered the cessation of all movement into and out of the capital Nairobi and four other counties following a surge in the number of Covid-19 cases.

The other affected counties are Kajiado, Machakos, Kiambu and Nakuru, with political rallies and church gatherings in the affected counties also banned.

The president also ordered a revision of curfew hours for the five counties from 8pm-4am.