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Bishop Deya demands VIP treatment in Kamiti prison

Controversial preacher Gilbert Juma Deya on Thursday decried the poor conditions at Kamiti Maximum Prison when he appeared in court.

Through his lawyer John Swaka, the preacher said the conditions in the room where was being held were pathetic and not fit for human habitat.

Mr Swaka said Britain and Kenya agreed that the preacher be accorded VIP treatment but that was not happening.

He said Mr Deya was not allowed to leave his room from 7pm, “and because there are no washrooms, he has to use a bucket and keep it in his room till morning”.

“He is made to wash the bucket with his bare hands,” the lawyer said.


“The single room cell is extremely dirty and the mattress has bugs which have been biting my client since August 4.”

The lawyer was making the arguments in support of bail application filed by Mr Deya.

He added that while in Britain, Mr Deya was able to meet the bail conditions while his extradition case was ongoing.

“He will comply with any conditions if freed on bail in Kenya,” Mr Swaka added.

“Prison authorities have told him that what he has been given is the best available.”

Appearing for the Director of Public Prosecutions, Mr Nicholus Mutuku, however said the fact that the deal between Britain and Kenya was silent on the conditions of the cell meant that the preacher would be treated like any other inmate.


He said the British court directed that if remanded while awaiting trial, the preacher should be housed in the special unit at the prison. It recommended a single room for Mr Deya.

“What was promised was a single cell, which he would occupy alone if remanded. The same applies to him if he is imprisoned. As regards other conditions, owing to silence of the assurance, it means they will depend on what other remandees enjoy,” Mr Mutuku said.

He asked the court not order Kamiti Prison to provide special treatment to accused people.

The preacher was extradited from Britain last week and charged with child trafficking.

A ruling on his application to be released on bail will be delivered on Friday.