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Bishop Maragret Wanjiru: Raila’s maandamano is the devil’s work

Jesus Is Alive’s Apostolic Bishop Margaret Wanjiru, who was recently appointed Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) in the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, preached to her congregants that the ongoing opposition-led maandamano (demonstrations) is the work of the devil.

During the sermon that the renowned politician preached on April 2, 2023, along with the theme of ‘A season of new beginnings’, the outspoken politician said that Raila’s demonstrations were being organized to stop and scatter the work of the Lord, especially with her church programs.

Bishop Wanjiru claimed she loves and respects opposition leader Raila Odinga, her former party leader, but when she saw the maandamano and the accompanying destruction and evil of every Monday and Thursday; and most politicians and business owners being worried about the economy, for her it was more than that.

She found it to be a destruction and hindrance to the revival and “glory mtaani” that God had given them.

She claimed that someone had been used to come and destruct God’s work, and gave the example of how impossible it would be for a church to set up equipment for religious events on a Thursday when others were promoting “unlawlessness, theft and thuggery without shame”.

“We are not going to allow one man, because of his paycheck, greed, justified or unjustified demands- or anybody else to destroy the revival that God has already given us. This week as we start the conference, we are dealing with them head on, we are taking them on spiritually and I can assure you, if they don’t stop, we’re going to bury someone and life continues for the rest of us. No more nonsense in this country, no more shenanigans in this country. If we are anointed, we are anointed for a purpose. If we are coming to pray, we are coming to pray with a purpose…” Bishop Wanjiru preached.

She also said it was important to stop the devil in his tracks now before he stopped the revival. She went on to claim that there was no religious leader in Kenya who had prayed for Raila Odinga as much as she has. She claimed to have prayed for him in her house to secure a position in the late Daniel Arap Moi’s government which he got the following day as a member of the cabinet. She also claimed to have prayed for Raila to obtain a government position for Raila in the late former president Mwai Kibaki’s government through her prayers.

She then preached that election losers must stay in the opposition and winners form the government.

“I stand here today with the apostolic authority and anointing dropped on me by God that I have to say that demonstrations must stop in this country and Nairobi. Isn’t it even more annoying that these demonstrations are only in Nairobi and Kisumu? Isaiah 61 gives me the leeway to set the captives free. Not set other tribes free and leave the Luos. We are also setting the Luos free. The people of Kisumu and Nairobi, we refuse to be subjected to oppression. So many people have died, and property destroyed because of the greed and demands of one person. How long shall this continue?” she posed.

She said that just as religious people dealt with witches in the village, so would she deal with the destroyer of Kenya. She claimed that if Raila Odinga had listened to her and gone along with her prayers, he would be far today, “but because of his tribalism, he decided to destroy me and lift a man who will put some money in his pocket.”

“Considering many other factors, we must allow the democracy and the politics of this nation to go in the right direction. I’m not trying to say that everyone else is perfect, no, but I’m saying that truly, there is an end to evil. Or do you people want maandamano? Dare I see you on TV at those demonstrations! Do you want us to continue closing down our businesses? Or destroy our properties? We are stopping every demon that has raised against revival in this country, any person that the devil is using. It doesn’t matter who it is, we are stopping their works in their purpose. Every enemy of revival, we are stopping them,” continued Bishop Wanjiru.

As she wound up before telling her congregants to pray, she said, “Don’t you dare imagine the devil doesn’t understand what is going on in the spiritual realm. In 1997 as I was preparing to be ordained, we set the dates severally, every time we said it is next Saturday, we set the date, we organized, we advertised, and there would be maandamano, saba saba, on the streets. They were fighting for something, I did not even know much politics at the time. The Bishop at the time insisted that the ordination must be in his church so it would be difficult to cross over so we postponed the ordination severally until one day God asked me ‘kwani this maandamanos come when you are ready to be ordained.”

She claimed the maandamanos were in place to stop God’s work and she was finally ordained on the fourth try. She also warned that Kenya could not have another post-election violence.

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