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Bishop Wanjiru unmasks ‘terrorist’


The Jesus is Alive Ministries (Jiam) centre has beefed up its security following a terrorist scare last Sunday.

Any woman entering the church was screened by two female guards. One searched the bag while the other frisked the individual.

According to Jiam founder, Bishop Margaret Wanjiru, the heightened security was necessary because one of the ushers encountered a masked woman the previous Sunday.

Going by the terrorist attack at Westgate Mall on September 21, the usher did not take chances.

“She immediately got hold of the masked lady and brought her to the pulpit. Jiam also wants to fight these terrorists. We immediately asked the congregation to unmask this person,” she said.

Wanjiru added: “We were shocked to discover the ‘terrorist’ was actually a member of our teen drama club, who was in her costume for the afternoon play,” she said.

The terrorist attack at Westgate Mall left about 70 people dead and more than 175 others injured.

The whereabouts of the terrorists remain unknown even as the government insists they were killed.

Security has been beefed up in most public places, especially churches, supermarkets, stadiums and government buildings.