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Here is Bishop Wanjiru’s take on Huduma Namba – VIDEO

Former legislator Bishop Margaret Wanjiru has defended the Huduma Namba registration exercise distancing it from the Biblical ‘Mark of the Beast’.

Bishop Wanjiru, while speaking in her Jesus Is Alive Ministries church in Nairobi, said the number is being issued to consolidate all personal information and is not being inscribed on the forehead like the ‘Mark of the Beast’.

She explained that the number will be similar to social security number and urged her congregants to register.


“I put it unto you, that the Kenyan Huduma Namba is not the mark of the beast, it is not, don’t be deceived. It is not coming on the hand neither is it coming on the forehead,” she said.

Wanjiru stated that the government was just digitising and centralizing records.

“Let us as wananchi and even more so as Christians support our government in this issue of Huduma Namba. How many of you say, ‘Bishop we hear you and we will go for our Huduma Namba?’ let me see your hand, wave at me everybody,” she said.


Some pastors had drawn similarities between the Huduma Namba and the mark of the beast advising their congregants not to register.

But President Uhuru Kenyatta blasted religious leaders explaining that this was purely a government registration exercise.

“Mimi nilishangaa juzi, na mimi nawaheshimu haswa nikiwa mkristo, nikiskia makasisi wengine wakisema, ati hii ni namba ya shetani. Jameni, shetani na kujitambulisha inaungania wapi? My God!” he questioned.