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‘Bitter’ women share concerns about infidelity in their marriages

By Winnie Onyando September 18th, 2023 2 min read

Statistics show incidents of infidelity within couples are on the rise.

As per a survey conducted by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, Kenyan men, on average, have seven sexual partners throughout their lifetimes, while women have two.

While some women are slowly adopting a more tolerant attitude towards cheating, many men are engaging in extramarital affairs with multiple sexual partners.

Although a few women muster the courage to confront their husbands when they suspect infidelity, a study shows that a majority choose to suppress their feelings and engage in silent competitions for their husbands’ attention.

This behavior has left many women harboring resentment not only towards their husbands but men in general.

The feelings are influenced by what the women consider betrayal with some choosing to peacefully end their marriages.

In more extreme cases, women have taken matters into their own hands to address the issue.

Vivian Auma (not her real name) shares her own experience dealing with an unfaithful spouse.

“My husband has been cheating on me for close to three years now. I’ve confronted him multiple times, and he promises to change. However, I consistently come across messages on his phone that shatter my heart.

“The most painful part is that he brings these other women into our marital bed when I’m not around.”

“Sometimes I don’t know what to do anymore because the knowledge that your partner is sleeping with someone else is agonizing,” she adds.

Debra Wanja also shares her her distressing experience.

“My husband doesn’t even try to hide his infidelity. He tells me that if I can’t handle it, I should leave. He no longer cares about my feelings and only remains with me because of our children. Intimacy between us has dwindled, and he often claims to be tired. The emotional exhaustion and bitterness have become overwhelming, and I’m at a loss for how to navigate this situation. My constant anger towards him is a reflection of the immense frustration.”

While marriage is often celebrated as a beautiful union, many women cannot attest to the enchantment of the marriages they pursued with utmost dedication.

Countless women suffer in silence as their partners expose them to diseases like HIV and other STIs.

Regrettably, many women claim that their husbands quickly shift the blame onto them.

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