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Bizarre moment police offers exchange sack with human head

An amateur video is making its rounds on social media where uniformed police officers in two Land Rovers are captured exchanging a sack containing a human head.

In the 30-second video that was filmed at dusk, more than five police officers are heard talking as others switch on their phone flashlights.

Moments later, an officer is seen handing over a sack towards another Land Rover.

Then, one officer is heard saying “hebu confirm, confirm isikuwe ni ile mpira ya watoto yakuchezea (kindly, confirm, confirm and ensure it’s not a football),” one of the officers is heard saying as another one opens the sack.

Moments later, an officer pulls out the head from inside the sack and another officer takes a photo.

This happens as a conversation goes on with another officer saying “si huu ni unyama (isn’t this inhumane)?”

But another officer tells him not to talk about the matter.

It is not clear where the video was captured.