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Bizarre pattern of nationwide blackout every January since 2015

By EDDY KAGERA January 10th, 2018 1 min read

Kenyans have noted a bizarre pattern where the country has suffered nationwide power outage around the same time for the last four years.

The latest was on Tuesday when virtually every corner of the country was plunged into darkness for hours with Kenya Power blaming it on “a power system disturbance”.

The blackout started shortly after 6pm and power was restored only after 2am. The national outage also sucked in Uganda.

The country has also suffered bulk power disruptions in 2017, 2016 and 2015, all happening in the month of January.

In 2015, a nationwide blackout occurred on January 16 at 3:30am. It was restored at 7:50am.

And in 2016, the outage that affected Nairobi, Coast and Mount Kenya regions, occurred on January 21 at 4;33pm. It was caused by a fault at Juja sub-station in Kiambu. It took hours to restore supply.

What is baffling, however, is that a blackout that affected Nairobi, Coast and Mount Kenya regions occurred last year January 9, same date as the one that happened this year.

Last year, Kenya Power attributed the blackout to a technical fault that hit its Ndenderu Nairobi North Substation.

Some Kenyans noted the coincidence.