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Bizarre release of Raila Odinga’s bodyguard Maurice Ogeta

In a baffling turn of events, Maurice Ogeta, the bodyguard of Azimio leader Raila Odinga, has been released from police custody after spending over three days behind bars. The circumstances of his release have raised eyebrows and drawn attention to the mysterious handling of the case.

ODM director of communication, Philip Etale, confirmed Ogeta’s release, which occurred in the early hours of Saturday, July 22.

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According to Etale, Ogeta was left by the police in Ruai, where he was discovered, bewildered and blindfolded.

To add to the unusual circumstances, his car was found vandalized nearby.

Despite the ordeal, Ogeta expressed relief at being alive, though still shaken and distressed by the events surrounding his detention.

The arrest of Ogeta took place on Wednesday, July 19, in Nairobi, following allegations of his involvement in anti-government protests. The detention sparked public interest and concern, leading to swift legal action to address the situation.

The tide turned in Ogeta’s favor on Friday, July 21, when a court ordered that he be presented before a court in the country.

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Justice Lawrence Mugambi issued the ruling, requiring the police to bring Ogeta before a competent court in Nairobi or any other part of Kenya to inquire into the reasons for his detention. The ruling also allowed the petitioner/applicant, presumably Ogeta, to file any further documentation or replying affidavit within three days.

The bizarre circumstances surrounding Ogeta’s release and the lack of transparency in the events leading up to it have left many questioning the motives behind his detention and subsequent release.

As the case unfolds, many will eagerly await the court’s mention on July 31 for compliance and further direction on this peculiar matter.

The situation has underscored the importance of upholding the rule of law and respecting individuals’ rights, regardless of their affiliations.

The public remains vigilant as more details emerge in this intriguing and mysterious incident.

As the nation awaits the court’s decision, Ogeta’s release continues to be the center of attention, fueling discussions on properly handling such cases and the imperative for justice and accountability within the legal system.

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