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Blank book becomes a bestseller on Amazon

Newly published book Reasons to Vote for Democrats has become the bestselling book on with its 266 blank pages.

The book’s author, Michael J. Knowles, is a Yale graduate and correspondent for the Daily Wire. He published the book to troll democrats.

When asked about the book the writer told CNN, “It took a very long time to research this book, when I observed their record and reasons to vote for them – on reasons of economics or foreign policy or homeland security or civil rights and so on – I realized it was probably best to just leave all the pages blank.”

The book contains only headers and a bibliography, along with 266 empty pages and costs eight dollars on Amazon.

The book has elicited mixed reactions online even as some news sites suggest that Knowles, whose employer Daily Wire is a conservative website, had nothing good to say about the democrats.