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Blatter: UEFA uses hot and cold balls to rig draws

By AGENCIES June 14th, 2016 1 min read

Disgraced Fifa President Sepp Blatter now claims that European football draws were rigged using hot and cold balls.

Blatter, who is appealing his suspension from Fifa, claimed in an interview that the balls were “marked” by either heating them or cooling them in a refrigerator.

“I never touched the balls. Of course, you can mark them (by) heating them or cooling them.

“I witnessed draws at the European level where that happened. But never at Fifa. Of course it can be done,” he said in an interview with Argentine newspaper La Nacion.

In the interview, Blatter, who said only one team had benefited from such a practice, explained how the trick works: “You put the balls in the refrigerator beforehand. Just by comparing one and the other when you touch them you can tell the cold balls from the hot. When you touch them, you know what they are.”

But in a rejoinder, UEFA refuted Blatter’s claims.

“Allegations that UEFA has in the past fixed draws for its competitions are completely absurd and therefore not worth a reaction,” it said in a statement to Sky Sports .