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Blessings galore: Auntie Jemimah shares images of her new born

Comedian Wangari Nguri, known as Auntie Jemimah, has shared photos of her newborn. Jemimah welcomed her baby last month and said her heart was full.

Having lost her child in 2021, Jemimah shared that hearing the cries of her little baby was all the healing she needed despite the difficulties of carrying a rainbow baby.

“On this day one month ago, my rainbow baby girl arrived at 12:10 pm. To say I’m happy is an understatement because my heart is full!

Carrying a rainbow baby is one of the hardest journeys any woman would go through because you’re constantly worrying, being super cautious, getting all sorts of unsolicited opinions, and so much more. But it is rewarding!”

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Additionally, Jemimah, who doubles up as the Gukena FM host, urged women to go to clinics when they find they are pregnant and get all the tests done in good time, saying she got gestational diabetes at 24 weeks.

“So this, my dear fans, family, and friends, is an encouragement to you who has lost once, twice, or severally. There’s hope! Trust the timing!

Your reward might come immediately like mine did (I conceived 3 months after Makena), or it might take time. Whatever the case, keep the faith, walk with your doctor, invest in a good medical facility, get insurance, and get therapy,” she shared.

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In late 2021, Jemimah announced that she had lost her newborn daughter immediately after birth. She would then suffer criticism for doing baby bump shoots which they claimed she exposed her child to ‘evil eyes.’

“No woman holds a baby shower wishing death upon herself or her child. Every pregnant woman dreams of carrying the baby to term and going home with a healthy baby.

Showing off your baby bump is not wishing death upon your child or yourself. I was told that it was because I showed off my baby bump and went for a beautiful baby bump shoot that I lost a child.”