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Blind 70-year-old Kenyan living in US pleads for help to return home – VIDEO

Kenyans living in the diaspora have formed a WhatsApp group to try and help an elderly Kenyan man living in the United States to return home.

In a message shared in the Diaspora Messenger, a website that connects and updates the East African community abroad, the Kenyans have appealed to well-wishers to help Mr William Mwangi Kagwima, who is aged 70.

“One of our Kenyan brother, migrated to Worcester MA, in 1998. Like every other immigrant, he worked hard until last year when he started losing his eye sight and could not work anymore. He has endured severe hardship and has exhausted his savings. Mr Kagwima is requesting the community to send him back home to his family,” the notice reads in part.

They also shared a short video clip of Mr Kagwima speaking in Gikuyu and explaining how he ended up to be where he is today.


According to Kagwima, he began losing his sight in 2018, which means he can no longer work, making it hard for him to survive in the US.

“I come from Nyandarua. I migrated here in 1998 and I have been working since then until 2018 when I lost my eyesight,” he says in the video.

Mzee Kagwima further says that in addition to being on medication prescribed by doctors, he has also consulted several eye specialists with little success.

“All I’m asking is for help with anything that one can donate so that I can go back home to reunite with my children and grandchildren. All I want is to raise some cash for an air ticket to get home,” he says.

A fundraiser has been slated for Saturday April 6, 2019 to raise money to enable Mzee Kagwima return home.