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Bling bling Nairobi MP now upset at Mr Billboards label

Embakasi West Member of Parliament George Theuri is not a happy man.

The youthful and flamboyant MP is on attack mode against his critics and journalists who have nicknamed him Mr Billboards.

The MP has the highest number of billboards bearing his name for all development projects he has initiated in the constituency. The yellow and green billboards bear Mr Theuri’s name and his motto of “Swag na maendeleo”.

According to critics, Mr Theuri’s preponderance for billboards matches poorly with his contribution on the floor of Parliament.

A billboard at Umoja One Open Air Market. PHOTO | HILARY KIMUYU
A billboard at Umoja One Open Air Market. PHOTO | HILARY KIMUYU

On Monday, while addressing his constituents in Umoja 2, Mr Theuri said he remains unabashed by the billboards because they tell people about projects being done.

Watu siku hizi wananiita Mr. Billboard huku mtaani baada ya magazeti kuandika story zao. (People now call me Mr Billboards after the newspapers wrote a story about my Billboards), said the MP.

“I am still the MP till 2017. The only way you can get me out of the seat is by killing me and if you do that then there will be a by election,” he said.

Last month, Nairobi News ran a story on why residents of Umoja estate are questioning the value of the billboards that are promoting projects initiated by area the MP.

Embakasi West constituency got the least Constituency Development Fund money in Nairobi and had the second last allocation in the country.