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Blinky Bill’s hit ‘Mungu Halali’ rocks New York store – VIDEO

Kenyan musician Blinky Bill could not hide his excitement when his song was played in a clothing store in the US.

Blinky Bill’s hit Mungu Halali was playing at a H&M New York store and the singer and deejay caught the moment on tape.

He went on to share the video of the moment shoppers were treated to the Swahili hit.

A Kenyan living in the US recognized the particular store narrating how she enjoyed shopping there as they were playing African music.

“Ooo is that the one on 5th Ave? Was so happy to hear lots of African music, was dancing as I shopped there last year, made me homesick,” wrote Mutheu Mutua.

Bill is on a music tour that has so far seen him perform in Bern, Switzerland, Paris, France with scheduled performances in Lagos and Johannesburg.

His fans cheered him on, urging him to keep producing good music that crosses boarders.