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Blocking of PIN is ‘normal’, KRA now assures Joho

Issuance of Tax Compliance Certificate and blocking of any Personal Identification Number is a normal procedure based on tax compliance of a person, the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has said.

In an apparent response to claims by Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho that he was unable to file his tax returns after his PIN was blocked, the agency said tax matters on any person are confidential.

Through its Commissioner of Investigation &Enforcement, KRA said tax matters cannot be discussed in public other than with the person or his appointed tax agent.

“The PIN owner has an obligation to file returns and is advised to contact KRA Investigations and Enforcement office in Mombasa or Nairobi for assistance in filing returns,” said the commissioner in a press release.

KRA said it is committed to supporting individual taxpayers to meet their tax obligations.

Governor Joho, through his communication director Mr Richard Chacha, had on Thursday said it is impossible for him to file his tax returns as directed by law.


“We know this is a continuation of Jubilee’s Government attempts to muzzle the governor over his political stand and for being bold on issues affecting his people,” said Mr Chacha.

Mr Chacha said no amount of intimidation will change the vocal governor’s course in politics.

“Let the jubilee government know that time will come when they will answer the people for desperate moves to suppress those with dissenting voices,” said Mr Chacha.

Mr Chacha said the government has fought Mr Joho and his family from all angles saying he (Joho) does not mind if it is the price he will have to pay for defending his people and speaking the truth.

In March this year, a demand for Sh90 million taxes allegedly owed to KRA by a firm associated with the family of Mr Joho was suspended by the High Court.


Justice Eric Ogola suspended the taxman from demanding or issuing any notices for the taxes allegedly owed until the determination of a case filed by Portside Freight Terminal Ltd or further orders.

The orders were pursuant to the grant of leave to operate as a stay issued to the freight company to apply for orders against KRA

The freight firm which says it does not admit the Sh90 million taxes alleged owed wants KRA prohibited from issuing the notices for the years 2008 to 2011 or any years thereafter.

Governor Joho has also filed a petition at the High Court in Mombasa challenging investigations against him over alleged forged examination result slip.

Mr Joho is seeking for orders among a restraining order against the police, Director of Public Prosecution and the Attorney General from charging, prosecution, arresting and continued harassment on any matter concerning his academic qualifications.

Last month, the court also restrained the police and the DPP from arresting, charging and prosecuting Mr Joho.