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BLOG: The five lessons about life to be learnt from death

Last week, I had my fair share of bad news when I was told about the deaths of so many people around me. It shook me to the very core. I am still in mourning.

However, I will take a positive step. I have made some resolutions in my life that I hope to live by, which may not soften the blow that death deals us, but might make it more bearable.

The thing that rattles us the most about death is that we do not get to tell the person who is gone a proper goodbye. Regret and hindsight usually haunt us, as we think of all that was left unsaid and undone.

My mother had a colleague who lost her husband in a road accident. He had parked his car at the side of a road in order to answer a phone call. A rogue lorry plowed right into him, killing him instantly.


The wife, after she had the news, could only remember that that morning before they each left for work, they had had a fight. They had not settled their differences- they had not made up. All she could think about was how sorry she was for the fight, that they were not okay as a couple before he died.

From today, I have made a decision to be regularly keeping tabs on people. A simple text message saying hi and asking after them can go a long way. If either of us is to go today, the other will at least know that you were in a good place in your relationship. I will tell the people closest to me that I love them every day and to actually show it.

I will learn to let go of grudges. Life is too short to carry around bitterness and the one carrying is usually the most hurt. The offender sometimes doesn’t even know that you are hurting. Forgiveness is hard, but being angry is taxing on the soul. I will learn to overlook the little things.

I will learn to appreciate all those that are around me, even for the littlest thing that they do for me. From my husband, parents, friends and even house help. I would like to leave some positivity in all the people in my life and this can start with two simple words- thank you.

I will make and try to achieve a bucket list. Again, life is too short not to be enjoyed fully, to the most of one’s ability. I will try to see the world, have experiences of a life time. I will try to do this with my family, because what is an experience without someone with whom to share and reminisce about it?

I will try to be kind to all those I come across, whether I know them or not, whether I expect them to return the favour or not. Life is hard without having to face unkind people. A kind word, a helping hand, a thoughtful gesture will go a long way to making this world a better place for future generations.

Just think, would you like a stranger to one day pay for your child’s bus fare home if they happen to be stranded in town for one reason or another. It may not happen to you, but it could be happening to someone’s child right under your nose.

All in all, I will try to live like each day is my last. I will try to make the most of everyday, no matter how difficult it is. For we do not know the day or the hour.