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BLOG: When a player acts like a husband

By JO March 13th, 2018 3 min read

‘People watching’ is an idle hobby every Kenyan has practiced whether knowingly or un-knowingly. For those who do not know what this is. It is an art where you look at people especially when you are stuck in traffic and have no book or phone to keep you busy.

What I’m saying is you are ‘idle sitting’ while staring at the ‘busy citizens’ walking to and fro their destinations. While watching them, I know for a fact many of you question so much in these people.

You can’t help but wonder why does that one walk like this? Why is she really dressed like that? OMG did he just spank that lady and why is she smiling and then you find yourself helping the lady smile or patting your neighbor because somehow gossip is tasty. Relax! Been there , done that !

I’m a story teller and therefore stories find me. Recently I was stuck in traffic and of course being a Kenyan I found myself people watching and no, it’s not because I did not have a book or my phone. It’s one of those #KenyanMustDoThings.

While I was busy playing fashion police something more interesting than clothes caught my eyes. There was a certain ‘couple’ walking together but what was rather funny or unexpected of the two is, when the lady tried to hold the man’s hand he literally shook her off and went further to walk a bit ahead.

I could not help but burst out laughing. No! I was not laughing at the lady, my attention is fully on the man.


My first thought was is he shy or just ashamed of who he is with. I do not know if this is a common practice in men , but do you all go choosing women who you will one day run from on the street?

The man was so uncomfortable I wondered if perhaps the lady was carrying an unwanted child.

I mean I’m people watching I could as well do my math.

This got me thinking, do men suffer the problem of being in a wrong relationship. Is it possible that a man can stay with a woman he does not appreciate? Women do that all the time and go preaching how they got ‘him hooked’. As if we care but moving forward.

Men let me help you create an alter ego just in case you cut it short for your unwanted shawty. Women are not exactly monstrous but their emotion game is the problem. Do not play into their traps. Do not look at a woman’s butt and get convinced she is the one, because once you hit it you are disinterested.

Do not let them deceive you because women get attached for the wrong reasons. Reasons that you do not have or should even know. I know some of my friends who would rather say to women ‘I like what we have here , I just do not see us together’. Be this man.

Especially if you are unsure of her. No need to play husband when you have a f***boy heart and mind . What I’m saying is, you need time to grow up. Stop picking big guns if you do not even have the balls to hold a woman’s hand in the street.


This notation of the boy child needs to take a different name. The man needs attention too. Especially if he was street shy to hold ‘his’ woman.Women absolutely adore PDA. They feel owned or wanted and all the boring stuff that men do not give a second about.

Since we know that the romance world has grown extinct, practicing it may seem alien. Therefore, I will highly pretend that I understand this man.

I’m not only sorry for him but as long as he keeps taking her to Uhuru Park whether by holding her hand or not, he is stuck with her and for a very long time. Sorry dude, but it is about to be rough my brother!