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BLOG: If you’re still cleaning out toxic friends in 2019, you’re toxic yourself

They say you only attract what you are. I’m sure by now you have come across social media status updates on “I’m getting rid of all toxic friends this year.”

Some are even more brutal; “I need no toxic people around me this year so if you do not hear from me, its bye.”

This toxic vibe became a trending topic and roped in house helps who have ditched their employers, with users commenting; “Ati your house help didn’t come back after Christmas because she was cutting off toxic people.”

If you are one those people still thinking of cutting off toxic friends then you need to know that you are toxic yourself.

The Urban Dictionary has all sorts of definitions of toxic friends, but one thing remains constant in them all; they are fake and manipulative.

The reason why I can dare say you are toxic yourself is simple, only a fake person can tolerate fakeness.

As for manipulative people, we all know because they have mastered the art they find a way of going around manipulative attempts too with a lot of ease.

Any real friend would not tolerate such and would call it out on first sight leading to a break up even before the friendship solidifies.

Friendships do not just crop up, they are cultivated. Those based on ‘fakeness’ and manipulation show that the parties involved are alike.

Friendships are built on trust. ‘Fakeness’ and manipulation cannot exist with trust in a real friendship.

This means that if you had a toxic friend in 2018 you yourself were toxic, as in, fake and manipulative too.