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BLOG: Ladies, here’s the quick connection to that marriage proposal

By NAIROBI WIFE November 15th, 2018 2 min read

I recently had a conversation with my mother after my last house help left. I try to give them as much freedom as possible while still creating boundaries. The reason she left was that she did not eat enough, or rather, I was not giving her enough food.

When I got the news, I was shocked. Inside the fridge, which I have never locked, was three days’ worth of food, which was just sitting there going bad. Maybe she was complaining that we did not cook enough of her favourite meals.

When we told her grandmother the reason that we could not work out, she chastised the girl and told her that with her salary, she was able to comfortably supplement our diet with whatever tickled her fancy.

She reminded her that the home she came from did not even have three meals a day, so she should not complain.


I had not realized until that point how tricky a subject food is in many households and that it is apparently a deal break in many marriages. Not long ago we heard in the news of a wife that was divorced because she cooked ‘bad pilau’.

I thought it was a lame excuse and that a deeper reason lurked in the shadows. According to my husband, I was wrong.

My dear hubby educated me and disclosed to me that had I not known how to cook, at least the basic dishes, I would still be in girlfriend status. Apparently, cooking for him is a big turn on, he likes a woman who can feed her family right, literally.

Even another male friend admitted that he only likes his wife’s cooking and cannot stand what the house help makes. He said that the help may cook good food, but it would lack a certain touch and quality only his wife and give to a meal.


A guy I know had been with his former girlfriend for years, but he never talked about marrying her. He always complained how she would buy chapatti and rice and stews from supermarkets and would never cook for him.

She argued that since they both got home at the same time and were both equally tired, they could share the responsibility of cooking that day. Since the man would never agree, she opted to get the ready made food. They have since broken up, and he has a new lady in his life, who cooks. Guess what? He talks about marrying her.

So basically ladies, the old adage is true – the way into a man’s heart is through his stomach. Make the short cooking videos on YouTube your best friend, find cookbooks or go to a class. You lack of culinary skills could be the only thing keeping you away from the ring.