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Blog: Open letter to licensed firearm holders in Kenya.

By @Suemc_phee August 25th, 2015 3 min read

Because we all know you are busy people and of course influential I shall keep my vent to a minimal.

Before you start lamenting that I am being overly critical, let me ask you to visit my Twitter page and see the incidences I carry on a few of you.

I must however commend the majority of you who conduct yourselves with decorum and respect. I remember what you did at Westgate before the authorities came and did what they did.

I remember what you managed to do a month ago in Parklands and also the man in Rongai who neutralized a threat at his gate last month. That threat might have been jacking me as I type this for all I know.

There are good licensed firearm holders in town indeed. Today’s ranting is to the few of you who have no regard for life or limb and carry a weapon as a tool of “floss” not a tool to protect.

Today I have 5 lessons for the “Gun Floss Boss”

Lesson no 1: Never remove your weapon if you don’t plan to use it. Yes, not in traffic because some imbecile has cut you off ( I know there are several times I would have liked to draw a gun if I had one on Jogoo road, trust me I know) nor for trying to impress friends.

So for all those who remove the metal to show off in the bar you are actually endangering your life. What if a thug tried to follow you to steal it having seen you trying to impress ladies with it?

Lesson no 2: If bad boys catch you with a gun, you are more at risk than those who did not have it. So if you make the choice to have it, please be proficient.

Be ruthlessly proficient because when the bad boys catch you with it they too will be ruthless. That means you need to practice and hit the range at least twice a month. Weekly would be my recommended dosage but hey what do I know?

Lesson 3: Your gun is always loaded even when its not. So don’t remove the gun unnecessarily. Your holster has to be a good quality holster that can last on your body the whole day. Moving around without a holster “Mexican style” is asking for it.

Lesson 4: Always know the position and status of your weapon. I cannot tell you how dangerous it is, not just for you but those around you, to leave your gun on the toilet cistern in a bar as is often the case or somewhere carelessly.

“The Gun Floss Boss” is notorious at this and hence this warning. Knowing the status of your gun in terms of crises is important. If robbers get into your house and you have ten seconds to get armed you best know where the gun is and its status i.e is it cocked or not.

Lesson 5: Safety, Safety, Safety. As much as you may be licensed to carry a gun, don’t think that absolves you from responsibility. You must always handle the gun with the care it deserves.

So if you see a thug having robbed some one in a busy part of town, don’t just whip out your gun and shoot. You must be clear why you are shooting i.e there must be an obvious threat to you life and also you have the responsibility of ensuring that the person behind the target is safe from your bullet.

Kenya Police officers please take note, you are particularly notorious on this.

In conclusion ( I promised to be to the point ) carrying a firearm can be a serious liability if you have taken it for the wrong reasons. Please be responsible in your use of the firearm and never ever use it for show, use it for good
The writer runs a security alert and crime awareness twitter account