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BLOG: ‘Useless’ courses I just discovered in University

By JACKLINE MUGO September 25th, 2015 3 min read

I have just joined university. In my few days here, I have realized that some courses seem a real waste of time

Arts course are generally perceived as the less serious degrees that only require cramming and a bit of creativity. But do you really need an undergraduate dgree to be a good singer or actor?

I know of very good singers who’ve never entered a music class, actors who exude so much enthusiasm and talent and who have never known there is a degree in film studies……I sing too and by God I have never entered a music class.

I am told this has everything to do with catering, hotel management et cetera. I know that those who successfully complete these courses either end up working in other unrelated profession that require any degree, or the usual dumpsite of all degree holders, also known as banks


With the rising state of insecurity in this country, I thought pursuing this degree would be a great advantage. Shockingly, the security chiefs in the country don’t need your services. They put more premium on those who got D+ and below in KCSE


The course with the big name. The name itself initially intrigued me, because when I think of science, I think of frogs, fish ponds, mammals and human anatomy. I could not see the connection to politics.

Anyway, a good number of those who pursued this course have not had the chance to practice what they learnt. Mutahi Ngunyi and his tyranny thing dominated that space a long time ago. The rest have been relegated to using their skills in small bar-talk. Most end up settling for other jobs they never trained for.

Well, I know that this may sound a little odd because engineering is perceived as one of the most enviable and prestigious courses. Even growing up my father always told me to work hard so that one day I would be an engineer…

This course is very marketable, but the employment opportunities ….mmmmmhhhh try your luck. But am not giving you any hopes.


For those who have undertaken this course, you were probably led into thinking that it is all about sitting down all pretty and waiting to read the news on TV or radio.

Well the sad reality is that your job will probably be done by some comedian who pursued a business course and who was employed on the basis of having ‘’hidden talent’’ or maybe ‘’great potential’’. A pity thousands of those who pursue this course do not end up on screen or on newspaper.


The likes of Victor Kanyari are giving the graduates of this course one hell of a run for their money. Anyone can wake up and decide to be a pastor. Some claim it’s a calling, hell who needs this course anyway.


Though it is a career which can have tremendous impact on many lives, drought in employment opportunities is nothing out of the ordinary for this breed.

I was utterly shocked to find out that most of these graduates act as guidance and counselling personnel in high schools and primary schools!

My grandmother dispenses so much wisdom, she can talk a suicide candidate into reversing the decision. Yet she is a class three dropout


Those who’ve done this course can bear me witness that it is not as marketable as it may sound. We live in a world where the rich can afford gym administrators and personal trainers. The rest walk from Githurai to CBD to save that coin for lunch.