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BLOG: Why I accuse ‘Bro Ocholla’s’ prayer mates

By NAVIAN NKATHA October 27th, 2015 2 min read

When I saw the ‘Bro Ocholla’ screenshot and the irresistible mirth that followed the exposure of his ‘lustful’ WhatsApp message, I was filled with horror.

For starters, Bro Ocholla is some guy who by mistake sent a lewd message to members of his prayer cell WhatsApp group in Embakasi. He then apologized after realizing his booboo.

That someone from the Embakasi Prayer Cell saw it fit to expose a brother to the world instead of praying for him, makes me wonder what kind of Christianity we practise.

Whatever happened to edifying one another and building each other up, as members of the body of Christ? What happened to the love that covers a multitude of sins?

What would Jesus have done? Would he have rushed to take a screenshot to shame Bro Ocholla? Does it mean that the prayerful brother or sister who took that screenshot is cleaner than Bro Ocholla who has now been painted as an immoral man who doesn’t deserve the title of brother in Christ?

How does exposing Bro Ocholla help the cause of leading sinners back to the fold?

We know that a lot of our brothers in the church have sent numerous such messages to sisters in and out of the church who also replied with equally thirsty (read scandalous) messages. We know many brothers and sisters have even been caught with their pants down.

Yes, we are watched by a cloud of witnesses but it is as if these witnesses are constantly praying for our downfall so that they can be the ones to cast the first stones as if they themselves are as pure as snow.

In the spirit of Christianity, I sure hope this is the last time we are hanging out a brother (or sister) to dry.

When a brother is ridiculed, Christianity suffers ridicule. Let us not be the ones to strike the match or the ones who add wood to the fire to burn a brother. By grace, let us lift brothers out of the fire. Let us reach out for their hands to lift them back up when they fall.

It is only in Christianity where instead of rescuing a fallen wounded soldier and taking him from the line of fire, his fellow soldiers are the ones who finish him.

(Navian is a practicing Christian.)