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Edgar Obare: My life is in danger

Controversial blogger Edgar Obare has sensationally claimed his life is in danger.

This claim comes a few days after he also suggested his brother had been ‘kidnapped’ and then released by unknown people.

But he fell short of substantiating these claims and confirmed he does not intend to file a report with the police because he ‘doesn’t expect much help’.

While narrating his experiences on an Instagram page namely BNN, Obare, known for his chilling exposes touching politicians and celebrities opened up on the woes he and his family are reportedly facing.

“Saturday night, I was informed they kidnapped my brother”, he says.

“They tortured him, trying to get information about my whereabouts; that’s one of the scariest things. I am so sad he had to go through that, and that some people in this country would go so low and go after my family. I hate this country, how they get away with everything.”

This is the second time Obare’s said brother, whose identity he’s not revealed, is reportedly facing harassment. He is also said to have recently been detained at a local airport where he’d gone to fetch a parcel.

“The package was at customs, and they wanted me to pay some duties. He gets there, and he is told to wait. They then tell him they can’t release the package because there is a payment that had to be made, and so my brother had to come back on a different day,” the blogger claims.

“When my brother went (returned) to pick up the package, he finds (Directorate of Criminal Investigations) DCI agents waiting for him. He is taken to a room, told to stay there, and surrender his phone.”

“They locked him up in the room for three-four hours. They were asking where is Edgar,” he narrated.

The controversial blogger says he kept quiet about the incident because his brother asked him not to make it public as he feared for his life.

The latest incident comes barely a week after the blogger’s Instagram account disappeared.

The social media account was deactivated days after he shared a series of screenshot messages on his Instagram stories, which supposedly revealed a web of money laundering gangs in Nairobi, reportedly referred to as ‘Wash Wash’.