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Blogger Robert Alai in court for offensive message

January 5th, 2016 1 min read


Controversial blogger Robert Alai has been charged in court in a new case of posting an offensive message on Twitter.

The prosecution said that on November 18 the blogger claimed that EACC director  Halakhe Waqo had a fake University of Nairobi degree which he used to ascend to office.

Mr Alai denied the charge and was released on a cash bail of Sh30, 000 pending hearing on March 16.

The blogger is charged under section 29 of Information and Communication Act which his lawyer Harun Ndubi claims to violate a section of the constitution.


A charge stating that on November 18 2015 at unknown place, using Twitter Account @RobertAlai, he posted a message to the effect that “how do you expect EACC to arrest anyone for corruption when its head (Waqo) used a forged UoN  degree certificate to get into his office,” was read out in court.

The prosecution says Mr Alai knew that the statement was “false” and was intended to annoy (Mr) Waqo.”

If found guilty Mr Alai will pay a fine of Sh 50,000.

Mr Ndubi asked for copies of witness statements including a copy of a letter of application the complainant used to apply for the job.

Mr Waqo is the Chief executive officer at EACC. Seven witnesses have been listed to testify.